W@Wies 08/26/2009
I got to meet up with my co-w@wies last week. It was a meet-up for the B2Bs who had ordered French net from Lyn. (Myke had asked me what am I gonna do with the French net but I only answered that he wouldn't understand. Actually, I haven't got an idea yet on how or where I will use it but I'll find a way. He he. For now, it's just for peace of mind since that lace is not available locally). 
Back to topic, the girls and I had a major kwentuhan marathon. Lyn had a lot of kwentos and pictures (she had recently tied the knot) to show us. It's very relieving to know that someone could relate to wedding preparation hitches, insights and tips on suppliers. I'm really happy to be part of this online community because not only had I made friends, I am also able to help other bride-to-be's also.

There were actually four of us who have met-up; however, Rhia had to go since she still had to go to work. See? 2-3 hours isn't enough when
w@wies start talking =P Rhia was actually having a dilemma since her wedding date is the same as one of our local politician's. She was agitated and really anxious to know where the bride (who is a known news anchor) would have her wedding preparations. Rhia wouldn't want to be in the same hotel as it might get overcrowded with all the media hype that will sure be following the other bride. We are hoping that she get this sorted out soon since her wedding will be this October already! :)

As I've mentioned earlier, a few hours seemed too 'bitin' when B2Bs start sharing ideas, frustrations and what-nots. See the stack of wedding paraphernalias on our table? Lyn was happy to show us some of her wedding pictures and things used for her wedding. This girl is unbelievable - they had a Nautical themed wedding that they followed through and through.  Seeing all those stuff makes me wanna jump into my own wedding preps! :)

It was a really nice get together and better that I've got new friends! I love Weddings at Work! :)




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