Wedding jitters? 08/11/2009
It's happening again.

I don't know if these are panic attacks, wedding jitters or simply exhiliration. 
You see, for a few weeks now (especially since we've booked our wedding coordinator), I've been on a 'chillax' mode. I always try to remember that I still have more than a year to book and make arrangements for all the other details. But as I was reading through my w@w email digest, I suddenly got anxious that I have yet to consult the mothers (mine and Myke's) on their gowns, look for a couturier, hair/make-up artist etc. Aaargghh! And with Myke's schedule different from mine, we only have a little time to discuss.

Or maybe it's just me. I'm just making myself panic.  So, I had to try to let myself relax and not to be overwhelmed and be caught with excitement. (Breathe in, breathe out.)  I guess preparing for your wedding tends to make you a little crazy. God help the man I'm gonna marry. Ha ha.
(Note to my friends: If ever you got a call or text from me, blabbering about whatever, two words - Indulge me. After all, I'M GETTING MARRIED!!)

Ever since I saw the teaser on HBO, I got hooked on the True Blood series. (Getting bitten by a vampire had never been this sexy =P I could also be a willing 'victim' for Eric. Ha ha!) I never got to finish season 1 since we've moved to Bulacan and the satellite cable service we've subsribed to decided to take out HBO on their channel listing (yes, I'm still in that bad 'Dream').  Good thing that an officemate of mine is also a True Blood fan so I was happy that I got to watch it again. I'll be having my True Blood marathon this coming weekend. Yay!



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