Seven months to go and I've promised myself to start tackling other minute details of our wedding whenever I have time. So yesterday, after finishing off and submitting my report, I became agitated when I remembered that time is ticking and we haven't started visiting our would-be principal sponsors and formally ask them to be part of our wedding!
I thought about creating "Would you be.." cards but since we've already notified most of our entourage of their roles, Myke and I opted to give / send out Save the Date (STD) cards instead. Since I don't know how to use Photoshop, I started tinkering with MS Powerpoint. I've used this program before when I created our logo and also whenever I'm into designing something. It was challenging to come up with designs. Choosing the right font is one thing then I had to incorporate our color motif into the cards.  But I was really happy with the results. It all came out good and now, Myke & I can't choose which to have printed out! 
Oh well. We could also have them all printed out right? Variety is key and all. Tee hee! I'll see what the W @Wies have to say.




Thu, 08 Apr 2010 6:39:35 am

Fellow October Bride! any of the 2 on the right is good - my preference is the lower right - delete mo na lang yung second date.


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