M & G Answer

We’ve asked our friends to send us ONE question they wanted to ask us so here are our A’s to your Q’s! J Please note though that this is just for "kulitan".  Di po kami love nor life experts so our answers aren't necessarily advices. These are just our point of views kaya walang pakialaman :P  PEACE!

Let us know what you think or send in your questions here.

PART I: Pilosopiya. Life in General. Tanong ng mga tanong walang magawa o maisip na itanong o_o

Q1: Intsik ba kayo?
G says: Yes.  I’m half Chinese, half Filipino. (Makulit lang talaga ang nagsubmit ng question na ito pero sinagot na rin namin para matahimik na siya. Alam mo kung sino ka, RRJ).
M says: Inde, hapon.

Q2: Why do you love dogs so much and why not cats? J
G says: Well, I also like cats but I prefer dogs coz they’re more cuddly and more affectionate (in my opinion). Also, out of necessity, we need dogs to guard our house. Saka kitty litter (lalo na ang kanilang wiwi) is really foul-smelling kaya ayaw ko.
M says: Inde ko din alam, I just love them =) Same thing w/ Grace, I just love her =)
*G is kinikilig upon reading M's response Ü

G comments: Bolero! (may kasamang kilig)

With pups as cute as these, how can you not love them?
Q3: Pano ba kayo mag intsikan?
M says: Syempre di mo rin maiintindihan, mag aral ka na lang mag Chinese hehe.
G says:  How’d I answer this? Err.. using the Chinese language (Fookien)?

Q4: What is love?
G quotes I Corinthians 13:14-7:  "Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud. Love is never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable or touchy. Love does not hold grudges and will hardly notice when others do it wrong. Love is never glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out. If you love someone, you will be loyal to them no matter what the costs. You will always believe in them, always expect the best in them, and will always stand your ground in defending them."
M says: Love is blind =)

Q5: Which came first – the chicken or the egg?  Why do you think so?
G says:  Sa tingin ko, CHICKEN.  Kasi nga during the time of Creation, I’d think God would had made chicken na. Like man, di naman fertilized egg ang ginawa ni God di ba? He made man as a whole being / entity na so logically, chicken na ang ginawa niya at inde egg. Ikaw bibi, ano sa tingin mo?
M says: Dinosaur. La naman chicken noon eee pinaliit na dinosaur na lang ang chicken.

PART II: Buhay Pag-ibig. Ito naman ang mga tanong ng mga chismoso't chismosa. Ito ay para sa aming mga kaibigan na gustong maki-usyoso sa aming private life. Ha ha!

Q1: Paano ka nag propose kay Myke? Este pano nag propose si Myke sayo?
G says: We didn’t have a ‘formal’ proposal nor engagement. I’m always teasing Myke that he didn’t even exert the effort for a romantic gesture. Sino ba naman ang ayaw na i-surprise ka with a marriage proposal di ba? Anyway, Myke is always saying na gusto na niyang mag-asawa and we’d always discuss marriage but I didn’t take it into heart. I’ve always thought na part of couple discussion lang yun. So ang nangyari e last February 2009, nagsabi lang siya na gusto na niya na magpakasal kami  by 2010. I saw that he was serious so I’d gone and made some thinking if we are ready to take the plunge. I know we are so, there! I’d gone and bought my first bridal magazine. Dun na nagsimula ang discussions and preps. (O di ba? Napaka-romantic? Kinilig ka ba? Ako inde.  He he.)
M says: =)
G comments:  O di ba, ang haba rin ng sinagot niya sa tanong. Hmp.

Q2: Kelan ang wedding bells at kung matagal pa, what’s stopping you guys?
M says: Uhm. Save the date 10/23/2010. =P
G says: I guess the you already know by now the answer to the first question :) Matagal pa? I guess you meant that since we have been together so long, we should have been married by now. For me, marriage is a very sacred thing. One doesn’t simply wake up one day and decide that you want to get married. It involves assessment and probing deep within yourself if you are financially, mentally, physically, emotionally and morally ready to receive the sanctity of marriage. Personally, I didn’t want to get married agad cos I know that I’m not ready and it will be unfair to Michael that I’d be marrying him in such state. As a couple, well honestly, we have to prepare for it financially.

Q3: Are we invited?
M says: Hanggat maari po sana lahat invited but due to recession, we are inviting our closest friends po muna. Pag tumama ako sa lotto lahat invited. Nyahahaha!
G says: To the one who asked this question, yes, you are invited. He he. (Ops, be honest people! I still have the email to prove who asked this. No invitation, no entry. Ha ha.)
Q4: Saan nyo gustong mag-honeymoon?
G says: If money is no object, I’d want to go to Europe. Perhaps a European cruise? (Haayy.. wishful thinking. Libre naman ang mangarap di ba?)
M says: Same answer. Practically, Bora or Palawan will DO. =P

Q5: How many kids do you want to have?
G says:  Myke and I came from small families so he (Myke) wants to have a lot of kids. Ako? Uhmm.. 2-3 kids Ü
M says: Hangga’t kaya pwede ;)
G comments: Aray ko! Masakit ata yun T_T

Q6: What characteristic/trait that you would like to change on your partner?
G says: I’ll be a hypocrite if I say that I don’t have anything negative to say about Myke. Everyone has flaws. It’s a matter of realizing those flaws and accepting and loving your partner, despite of.  Back to the question, well, wala akong maisip e (impokrita! :P).  Seriously, I don’t want to change anything on Myke cos I think kung ano yung tingin ko na ‘negative’ sa kanya e yun yung nakakapag-encourage ng positive sakin.
M says: Habaan ng konti ang pasensya.

Q7: Do you really love each other?
G says:  YES. (Enough said.)
M says: Truly Madly Deeply.

Q8: When and how did you find out that you were in love with each other?
M says: If you ask me, that’s from the beginning .
G says:  Di ko alam e. Kelangan ba specify kung kelan? Basta lam ko lang love ko na siya. How? Di kompleto araw ko pag di kami nagcommunicate. It hurts really bad when we argue/fight. He can make me smile and laugh without doing anything Ü (Wala akong sinasabi na mukha siyang clown ha.)

Q9: What made you decide that you’re really meant for each other?
M says: As I have answered, It’s from the beginning.
G says:  I guess being in a relationship for so long and still in love with each other, despite the mishaps, faults and difficulties. Never giving up on each other.

Q10: When was your first kiss?
G says:  Err.. kelan nga ba?
M says: 2002.

Q11: How’d you two manage your relationship which makes it last this long?
G says:  Trust. Honesty. Communication. Humor.
M says: Love love love love love love…………….

Q12: How do you see yourselves 5 yrs from now?
G says:  With kids. Nice home.
M says: I  see myself as a Father. =P
G comments: Di ko alam na gusto mo pala pumasok sa seminary.


Q13: How do you express love to one another (except sa pagbibigayan ng mga expensive gifts, he he)?
M says: Hugs and kisses.
G says:  Saying “I love you” .  A simple kiss. Or sometimes small gestures or simple acts that show that you are willing to go beyond your means to make your partner happy.

Q14: What makes your relation to be strong and decide to move ahead?
G says:  Answer to first question is same as with Q11.  Moving ahead? Well, we can’t really start a family without getting married first di ba? Kundi e patay kami sa parents namin. He he he.
M says: Love love love love love love.

Q15: What is it that Myke does that makes you happy and vice versa?  :)
G says:  For being he who is, no pretentions.
M says: Just to see her smile.
G comments: Cheesy! Ü

Q16: For Myke: Do you take MG as your lawfully wedded wife? And for MG: Do you take Myke as your lawfully wedded husband?
M says: Yes, I do.
G says:  Yes, I do.

Q17: Which body part of Myke/Grace do you love the most / find sexy?
G says: Shoulders.
M says: Legs =P