Yesterday, I've had my First Communion and Confirmation at the Manila Cathedral.  Yes, di pa ako nakapag-communion. 
Myke and I went to the Weddings and Debuts Fair last Saturday, Feb 13.  It was our first time to attend a bridal fair that was held at SM Megamall. Medyo magulo and the place was a bit cramped.
Had I dared to bare?
I have been in an uncomfortable state since the past weekend.  Last Thurs, before heading home, I had a little itch on my inner right eye.  It felt like something was stuck - like an eyelash and it was itchy.  I disregarded it thinking that it may be something that washing could wear off.  I was wrong.  As the weekend progress, a small bump had appeared on the area and that bump doesn't seem to subside.  It was really irritating because my eyelid has also swollen and the nerves around my eye really hurt.  I even joked to my mom that maybe this was how having a black eye felt.  I had to wear fake reading glasses so people won't notice my bukol :(