I've decided to start on a new blog - my own personal blog so I could allocate this site mainly for the wedding details - infos for our guests and W @Wies. Visit my new blog site HERE.
See you all there!

Seven months to go and I've promised myself to start tackling other minute details of our wedding whenever I have time. So yesterday, after finishing off and submitting my report, I became agitated when I remembered that time is ticking and we haven't started visiting our would-be principal sponsors and formally ask them to be part of our wedding!
Every year, a lot of devout Catholics visit the Grotto in Bulacan during the Holy Week. They mainly go there for the Station of the Cross wherein the scenes are depicted in lifesize statues. My parents and I went there last Good Friday and man, the place was crowded!  It was only 8:30 am but there was already a mob at the entrance to the Stations.