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I'd began email chatting with some of my co-w@wies recently. Well, we've kinda gotten together since we were all trying to find a 'reasonable' designer for our wedding dress.  What started as a simple inquiry on dressmakers evolved into daily chikkas and wedding preps updates.


Yes! Our monogram is now looking 'healthy' :) I've probably mentioned on my previous post that I only made our monogram thru MS Powerpoint. The problem is that when I post it on the web, the image is blurry.


Ever since I got around to the idea that I am indeed getting married, I can't seem to get out of my head the image of gardens, flowers and butterfly.


Just a quick post. Finally! Myke and I had agreed what to use as our monogram/logo! This was actually an edited version. As you can on see my previous post, this was the 'proposed' logo:

Just had a nice, big lunch c/o our colleagues who had their birthdays this past month. *Ugh* There goes my "I'm gonna start to diet. I will monitor my meals." motto. Oh, well.

It's Friday already! Can't wait for the weekend. I hadn't posted a blog these past days cos I was busy doing.. our monograms! Yay! It seems that wedding planning is what occupy my thoughts when I can't think of anything to do.