Another first for me:  I'm now a blood donor Ü

I've just been waiting for the right time to make the move.  Our company often has blood letting activities but I wasn't able to join one yet because it's either: a) the activity venue is too far, b) there's a schedule conflict.
When we got the email from our Community Relations department, I've made up my mind to join.  I went alone because I didn't know anyone from our department who'll be joining too.  And I really didn't care if someone comes with me or not. I was resolved to do this because I wanted to help (aside from the health benefits for me).

When I got there, I immediately got chummy with my other co-employees who are also there to donate blood.  I wasn't really afraid but I didn't know what to expect when they put the needle on me.  I kept asking the Red Cross assistants if it will hurt.  Medyo nakakatakot kasi yung makita mo yung bag na wala pang laman. Iniisip ko kung pano ko mapupuno yun. He he.

Well, it didn't hurt.  Afterwards, we were each given a half gallon of ice cream, juice and brownies.  Yum!  Ok na ok, di ba?  Busog ka na, nakatulong ka pa! Dun ko rin nalaman na type A pala ang dugo ko. Yung nasa company info sheet kasi namin e O+ daw ako. Hmm.. I wonder if vampire Eric likes his True Blood in A. Ha ha!


It was really a nice experience so, I've promised myself that I will do this annually or as long as it's ok na (you have to wait for 3 moths kasi in between donations). 

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