One of the most important decisions a bride has to make is her wedding gown. From the material, length, silhouette, color, accents - all these details would make one's head swim. So during the start of our wedding preps, I immediately bought a wedding magazine to give me ideas. A lot of the dresses I saw were either fully beaded or swimming with lace (sometimes both) which I felt weren't really ME. I've pegged a few of the simpler dresses which I liked and began browsing thru the Net for some other ideas.
Had I dared to bare?
I have been in an uncomfortable state since the past weekend.  Last Thurs, before heading home, I had a little itch on my inner right eye.  It felt like something was stuck - like an eyelash and it was itchy.  I disregarded it thinking that it may be something that washing could wear off.  I was wrong.  As the weekend progress, a small bump had appeared on the area and that bump doesn't seem to subside.  It was really irritating because my eyelid has also swollen and the nerves around my eye really hurt.  I even joked to my mom that maybe this was how having a black eye felt.  I had to wear fake reading glasses so people won't notice my bukol :(
I'm currently obsessing with - a site which lets you style your own 'model', choose your background and the final product is a photo that looks like a magazine layout.  I've just read about this yesterday and since then, I can't seem to get enough of it.  It's like having my own online closet chock-full of delicious wardrobe.
I went to Landmark Trinoma yesterday to window shop.  Yes, looking around lang! :P  I had not really planned to buy anything but this dress caught my attention.  It's a LBD but with some major blings along the neckline.

After checking it out, I immediately put it back on the rack so I won't be tempted to buy it. I roamed around the whole Ladies' Wear section but I found myself going back to the stall where I saw the dress.  I looked at it again at nagbaka-sakaling mapangitan na ako.  Gosh, ang ganda talaga niya so I went to try it on.
I've been reading raves on this product that I just had to try it out.  It is a charcoal masque from a store called Saizen in Robinson's Galleria (Galle).  From what I've read from user feedbacks, it really takes out bleackheads and whiteheads from your face. Aside from being being effective, a tube only costs P85!