One of the most important decisions a bride has to make is her wedding gown. From the material, length, silhouette, color, accents - all these details would make one's head swim. So during the start of our wedding preps, I immediately bought a wedding magazine to give me ideas. A lot of the dresses I saw were either fully beaded or swimming with lace (sometimes both) which I felt weren't really ME. I've pegged a few of the simpler dresses which I liked and began browsing thru the Net for some other ideas.
Lo and behold, when I visited the Pronovias site, I felt I was under a spell. I couldn't stop leafing through their online catalog and I was once again in that dazed state - so many pretty gowns and I get to only choose one? :(

What I loved about the site was the wide range of designs that you could choose from - be it a vintage inspired gown, Grecian or minimalist, every dress simply exudes elegance.  Even the dress with the simple lines is very feminine, it's look very modern. The ballgowns are simply lust-worthy, if I'd wear a ballgown, I'd choose one from their collection (or perhaps show my designer one of their dresses for inspiration) simply because it's not overly decorated that it's very exaggerated. Basta, love ko to!

Here's some of my favorites:
Love the ruffled neckline
See? How could you not fall for them? *sigh*

4/7/2010 12:47:21 am

pakasal kaya ako ulit? gusto ko yung 1st pic but with a higher neckline ..... uh, u know naman y


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