Yesterday, Myke and I went to meet up with the designer that our coordinator, Ricci had recommended.  Actually, I had another meeting (with another designer) lined up - one who had given me a lower quote for my bridal package.  But we never got to meet the 2nd designer (and I had to make up an excuse) because we decided to go with Ricci's recommendation.

The designer of my (and my female entourage's) gown is Ruel Rivera, a member of Fashion by Wedding Designers of the Philippines (FWDP).  I really don't know what is FWDP for but I guess being a member adds to one's reputation cos Ricci kept mentioning this on his texts, he he.

Before we met up, I browsed the net to look into the gowns made by Ruel.  At first, I was a bit hesitant and was kinda inclined to go with another designer cos I got a glimpse of a few gowns made by Ruel and felt like our styles don't jive. Some gowns kasi had too much frou-frou and quite 'loud' which is totally opposite of what I envision of my gown.  I decided to meet up with him pa rin to see his actual works (and given that the gowns I saw were not wedding gowns naman. In fairness to Ruel).  He showed me some of the gowns he'd made and I saw that those in his shop were ok naman.

When I showed him pictures of my and my entourage's gown design, we had to make a compromise that he'll just sketch new ones for me because the gown samples I've shown were a bit intricate (with the draping).  He had no comment on my gown naman and I guess I made a good choice (yes!).  I liked his sketches and he was open to suggestions. He (and Ricci) were also giving me advices on the color schemes (since our motif was pink, I wanted my entourage to gowns in different shades of pink) and designs.  Though Ruel's service rate is beyond of our alloted budget (gulp!), we decided to book him because I find him really nice and helpful.  After a successful morning, we gate-crashed a friend's house to have some free lunch (kapal ng mukha namin no?).

I've made some new friends thru
W@W (Weddings at Work) and we decided to meet up for the first time when Cel (who's in SG) visits the country.
The five of us has been constantly emailing each other and sharing ideas and gripes on wedding preps, fiances and whatever.  We met up yesterday (after Myke and I's designer hunting) and we instantly felt comfortable with each other even if it was the first time we saw each other.  Tin (who was sick) was the only one who wasn't able to come.

Cel, Frances, Sai (with his fiance AJ, who had to eat dinner earlier and to leave us for a while cos he had gotten shy and perhaps to give us some girl to girl time) and I went into kwentuhan mode all throughout dinner.  It's as if, we've never ran out of kwentos.  We were still chatting away when AJ and Myke (who decided to roam the mall during our EB) came to join us.  We decided to call it quits when we noticed that the mall had closed and the restaurant help was cleaning and folding the chairs already.  It was a really nice get together and one that I'd like to have again :)


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