We got our rings! Myke and I went back to the Ongpin store last Saturday to pick up our rings. 
As I mentioned on my previous post, mine had to be resized. So we notified them ahead of time that we'll be picking up our rings so they could do the adjustments already.  The fit is now perfect :) We had to linger a bit though for the engraving. We wanted to have a Bible quote engraved instead of the usual name and wedding date.  The attendants had to be very careful and to concentrate hard when engraving to avoid misspellings.  It was kinda hard for them to assess if all those letters could fit into my ring because the circumference was quite small.  I was really happy that they were only not able to write the Bible quote but our names and the wedding date as well :) 
The Bible quote we had them write was "I found the one whom my soul loves." from the Song of Solomon 3:4.  Myke's ring had the first part of the sentence while mine had the ending so his ring says: "I found the one   Grace 102310" while mine says "Whom my soul loves  Myke 102310".  Too bad their engraving machine didn't have the script type font but we're still happy with the result. Will definitely give a note to our photographer to make sure we have a shot of our ring detail :)

We also dropped by our couturier's shop to finalize our color motif and discuss the details of the gowns. Our moms have to visit Ruel soon for their gowns. No sketches yet! Ruel advised that it's better that the moms are present before he sketch them a design because moms tend to be more particular on their gown designs. Hmm.. will deifnitely ask our moms to go to Ruel ASAP.

In a few days, it'll be April and a little more than 6 months to go. I have to start working on our accessories!

3/28/2010 03:42:33 pm

Hello Sis. I must say that your idea of engraving a bible quote in your bands is really unique and lovely. Pwede pahiram ng idea?..i would also want to suggest that to my H2B...:-)

3/28/2010 05:11:30 pm

No problem sis :)


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