Finally! We've booked our photographer/videographer for our wedding!  And I tell you, taking a pick on who we want to 'capture' our wedding moments is quite stressful.
When we were initially making a rough estimate for the wedding budget,. we have no idea how expensive the wedding photo and video (P+V) services are! Not until we've attended a bridal fair did we know that there are a lot of considerations when choosing our P+V.  That's why I'm really glad that I've joined W@W cos I wasn't sure what to look for when choosing P+V.  Sa W@W ko lang nalaman na meron pa palang 'styles' ang mga photographers; merong traditional, merong photojournalistic, contemporary.  Naku!  And then you would also consider what are the inclusions in their package - albums, copy of raw photos/footages, onsite videos, guestbook etc. Tapos pupunta ka ng bridal fair, ang daming P+V suppliers dun, you'll be bombarded with brochures, you'll have to look at each sample album to see if ok ang layout, yung photography style.  It will make your head swim talaga. So Myke told me that we better narrow down our choices, stick with those and do more research sa mga shortlisted na lang.  We have a few groups in mind na and then I've read about Redsheep sa W@W.

It was love at first sight.  I saw their sample pictures at their website and I had the feeling na "This is what I want for our wedding."  Kaso lang, di naman sila kasama sa shortlisted namin so I have to drop subtle hints to Myke that I wanted Redsheep.  At first he was hesitant to get them because they do not offer the same inclusions as the others.  Medyo tempting talaga yung mga P+V supplier na lahat na kasama - P+V, albums, parents albums, guest book etc.  Of course, additional expenses kasi yung mga items na di mo makukuha for free.  BUT, what I was really after is the picture and video output.  We could do away muna without the smaller albums, as long as the pictures are great, it will be easy to find some photo printing shop who could make us an album.  So, to make the long story short, we got Redsheep!  Myke and I met with Guj last night to discuss the details and to make the downpayment. Yay! So happy!  Yep, this was the reason why I was grinning up to my ears to other day (kasi nga Myke was already 'sold' with booking Guj).  Kinukulit ko pa nga si Myke that we have to make the downpayment na (cos Guj doesn't accept pencil bookings) at baka maunahan pa kami. He he! 

I've attached some pictures from Redsheep's site so you could see how talented they are.
So, another item has been ticked-off on my checklist.  Next item, coutourier.

G >> Happiness!

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