I have been in an uncomfortable state since the past weekend.  Last Thurs, before heading home, I had a little itch on my inner right eye.  It felt like something was stuck - like an eyelash and it was itchy.  I disregarded it thinking that it may be something that washing could wear off.  I was wrong.  As the weekend progress, a small bump had appeared on the area and that bump doesn't seem to subside.  It was really irritating because my eyelid has also swollen and the nerves around my eye really hurt.  I even joked to my mom that maybe this was how having a black eye felt.  I had to wear fake reading glasses so people won't notice my bukol :(
Early Monday morning, I went to our company clinic and the doctor gave me some antibiotics and since I was complaining that it was itchy, she also gave me meds for that.  Though she told me that the anti-itch tablet would make me drowsy (so she advised that I take it during bedtime), I didn't know how great its effects were.  I've been VERY sleepy after taking the meds and I thought it was the antibiotics' effect.  I tell you, the effect was that I got hit by a truck and the moment I close my eyes, I'm oblivious to anything. I can't be that sleepy since I've had to travel when going to work. Baka yung pag-idlip ko sa fx e indi na idlip kundi rest altogether in peace na ang mangyari :( 

I decided to go back to the clinic this morning to have the doctor prescribe me other antibiotic which won't make me that much sleepy. Saka ang bukol sa mata ko e lalong lumaki, so much so that one can point it out even if I'm wearing my fake glasses. Naawa na nga sakin ang mga kaibigan ko sa office dahil ang laki talaga. Wwaaah!!  Tapos nalaman ko sa doctor kanina na ung 'anti-itch' na binigay sakin e sleeping pills pala!! Ggrr...  He insisted na yung pagka-groggy ko is not because of the antibiotics but because of the sleeping pill.  Ganun katagal mag-wear off ang effect nya na tipong the morning after e groggy pa rin ako. Kainis!  So I asked the doctor if I could just have it removed and ayun, meron akong referral sa specialist.  Sayang at walang office si doc today so sana tomorrow e andiyan na siya para matanggal na to once and for all.

Will keep you posted.

>> thinking if she should scout for some eye patch. Teka, may fashionable eyepatch ba? :(

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