I went to Landmark Trinoma yesterday to window shop.  Yes, looking around lang! :P  I had not really planned to buy anything but this dress caught my attention.  It's a LBD but with some major blings along the neckline.

After checking it out, I immediately put it back on the rack so I won't be tempted to buy it. I roamed around the whole Ladies' Wear section but I found myself going back to the stall where I saw the dress.  I looked at it again at nagbaka-sakaling mapangitan na ako.  Gosh, ang ganda talaga niya so I went to try it on.
Black dress from WORK (pardon the awkward pose)
Perfect fit!  The neckline is not too plunging and the balloon effect doesn't show unwanted bulges but it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a tent either. I decided to buy it and consoled myself that it's a good investment and I could wear it to formal events or gimmicks (yeah right). But when I asked the SA for a new stock, wala na!  I can't buy the dress I've tried on cos there some stitches were already undone.  I asked if it's available in other colors, she gave me the gray and blue versions.  I went back to the dressing rooms feeling a bit sad cos I really liked the black one.  Anyway, I decided to give it another go and tried on the dresses - the gray one is ok (reminds me of a dress I have) but the blue, OMG!  The color is a really nice hue of blue :) 
Love it!  So another dress stored in my closet :) I hope Myke won't mind that I shopped (he's worried that the shopping would get out of hand and the expenses would make a dent on our wedding budget) but maybe I could just tell him that it's a holiday gift for myself. Hi hi!

By the way, the dress is from Work and costs P1195.


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