I saw from Janice's post in W @W. It's really funny. A must read for every bride and bridesmaid out there :D

1. Thou shall wear your dress with pride.. even if you hate it.
2. Thou shall be pro-active.
3. Thou shall be the best sounding board.
4. Thou shall be her voice of reason.
5. Thou shall take her jitters seriously
6. Thou shall throw a brilliant hen party.
7. Thou shall be nice to the guy the bride is trying to pair you up with.
8. Thou shall be the coordinator's pet.
9. Thou shall keep your speech short and sweet.
10. Thou shall have a blast!

Made you smile, right?


*Picture from Bridesmaid.com, 'The Bridesmaid Commandments' from Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2009 issue

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