Last Saturday, Myke and I went out to purchase our wedding bands and do an ocular on the rooms at Pan Pacific Manila. We first headed to Ongpin, to a store where Myke and I usually have our jewelries cleaned.  Myke had already scouted last year on the said store for our rings. He particularly liked a plain white gold band which he showed me when we met up again. The bands were really simple - matte finishing in the middle and polished borders. The width though is wider than the usual rings so it has a masculine effect but not too unappealing that it doesn't look right when I tried it on.
You might say the rings felt 'right' the first time around so we really didn't look around the other Ongpin stores anymore. We really like the simple design since we both agreed that we wouldn't want any stones on our rings. So last Saturday, we went back there to make the deposit. We would have taken the rings home right then and there but mine has to be resized.  It's a bit loose and I'm afraid that it will slide off my finger when my hands are wet. We were told  that we  just have to notify them when we will pick them up so they could make the initial resizing and I'd have to be there to make sure that the fit is ok before they make the final resizing and engraving :)
Superior Room
After that, we met up with our coordinator Ricci at Pan Pacific Manila.  As usual, the concierge told us that they don't have oculars on weekends. Good thing Ricci was there with us and he spoke with the Sales Director (I think) that he's chummy with, he he. So off we go! We got to see the De Luxe Suite (which was what I was eyeing for) and the Superior room.

De Luxe Suite
I like the suite because it has a living and dining area where some of the suppliers and entourage could hang out and I could shut myself in the bedroom, he he :P  Both rooms are spacious and we felt it was adequate for our wedding preps.  Myke made the confirmation already and we just have to pay the reservation fees a few weeks before the wedding :) Yay!

With the bookings done, we were off to MOA for some R&R. I finally got to watch a movie in 3D!  It was a really nice experience.  I loved it!
Myke said that he'd want to watch an 3D action or horror movie next.  He'd like the see the gory scenes in 3D - probably the guts and bloods splattering on his face. Ha ha! And yes, I'd go with him. I'd love it! :)

So there, rings - check! Hotel - check!  7 months to go! :)

G >> Do I look cool with my 3D glasses? :D

3/15/2010 12:31:36 pm

tagal pa, excited na ko!

3/15/2010 03:23:44 pm

he he. matagal pa talaga. wag ka muna masyado ma-excite

3/28/2010 05:33:45 pm

hi sis! fellow w@wie here....

san store kayo bumili and how much, if you dont mind? :-D


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