Weekend movie marathon and sad goodbyes - M+G: A Promise of Forever
Just had a nice, big lunch c/o our colleagues who had their birthdays this past month. *Ugh* There goes my "I'm gonna start to diet. I will monitor my meals." motto. Oh, well.
 Maybe tomorrow? By the way, I've included some pics from our Fotoloco session when Cosmopolitan made their Call Center Tour at Ventus last July 2. We trooped to the other building during our lunch hour just to go loco with foto! :) We had a blast! (With me are Reg, Grace A and 2 Cosmo hunks.)

On weekends that I don't have a date, I just stay at home and simply relax. Relax meaning waking up at 10am and switching from our TV to my laptop watching movies or playing games, alternating with playing with the dogs, eating, restroom and texting breaks. I love it! Nothing like rolling around in my bed, thinking nothing, doing nothing and as if nothing matters. Oh, heaven..

Last Saturday, I finished "Night at the Museum 2" and then remembered that I recently bought a Tom Hanks DVD collection.  So, I popped the CD and watched 'You've Got Mail' and 'Sleepless in Seattle' in one sitting. My anya (older bro) who was supposed to go out got hooked on the TV that he decided not to leave after all (I think he has a crush on Meg Ryan). Both movies are good and makes one want to fall in love :) Both Tom and Meg are so young on 'Sleepless..'  I was secretly cheering their character to go and meet up already at the Empire State. After the 2 movies, I gave up, surrendered the remote to anya (who then watched 'Passion of the Christ' and then 'Gangs of New York'. Di naman halata na addict kami sa TV no?) and swtiched my attention to my laptop.

I then proceeded to watch 'The Accidental Husband' again. Hey! I was craving for some feel-good movie ok? The movie was ok. Uma Thurman looked great (I loved the outfits) but there are some scenes that I thought she was boring. Maybe it's the way she played out her character in the movie. Or maybe, I getting used to these romantic comedy plots. Same old, same old.

Moving on, I decided to check out Jason Statham on 'Crank 2: High Voltage". I find Jason sexy especially on his 'Transporter' portrayal. But on 'Crank 2', blah! Though the movie presentation is kinda unconventional, I didn't like the movie at all. I felt that it was over the top. It's just chock-full of F*** you's and sex. But, I did get to see Jason's butt from different angles. There was also a 'nut' shot but I wasn't sure if it was a nut and if it's Jason's. So, to get over the disappointment, I turned to 'The Telling'. I first thought that this was one of M Night Shyamalan's work. I was excited that this might be the likes of 'The Village' and 'Lady in the Water' which I both loved to watch over and over again. But it turns out that this movie was that of Bridget and Holly of 'The Girls Next Door'. But hey, I admit that I used to watched 'The Girls Next Door' on cable just to see what those girls were up to and so I gave 'The Telling' a try.


When I read about movie reviews that say they (critics) can't wait for the movie to be over, I don't believe them cos I have yet to encounter a movie that bad. Well now, I believe them. While watching 'The Telling', I was in agony. First off, bad acting. I wanted to smash the head of the actors in the movie for such poor delivery. I was literally squirming on the my seat and groaning. The plot was something we have already seen, typical for a suspense/thriller movie. The only thing that scared me off was the evil doll. It's something personal, I don't know why but I'm really scared on dolls going alive. Gives me the creeps. If I was the character in the movie whose bf gave me a horrifrying looking doll, I'd probably say "No, thanks." Or better yet, I'd give it a swift kick out of the house. but then again, it might come back and kill me cos it IS alive. So, pushing it down a garbage thresher might do the trick ;)

No, they're not the infamous sex vid stars but our puppies! They are actually May and Mayo (a girl and and a boy) who were born last May hence, the name. Since the Hayden Cam scandal was a-buzz that month, we gave these pups aliases. We had fun teasing these dogs especially when they are busy playing with each other thus sometimes, exposing their privates in unconventional ways (for humans at least). You get the connection? *wink*

Anyway, it was already planned that we will be giving away these pups to some of our neighbors since we already have 4 adult dogs of our own. We'd love to let them stay but we simply can't. Baka hindi na kami kumain nyan dahil ang tatakaw ng mga aso na yan. I told my mom to let the pups reach 2 mos old before giving them away. Since it was my anya's birthday last Sat, I told my mom that let the dogs stay til the weekend so they could eat spaghetti! Sort-of a going-away treat na rin for them.

Dogs, especially puppies are easily likable and May and Mayo are just too cute!  May being almost twice the size of Mayo, we sometimes call her a piglet. Mayo is timid especially when he gets too full or too sleepy, he would just lie there and sleep. When they get hungry, Mayo would just follow you around the kitchen and look up to you with those sad dog eyes while May will yell her way around till you shove some food at her face. Being the bigger one, May would nudge and push Mayo away from their food bowl during feeding time so we had to each let them have their own doggie bowl.  These are two dogs with different personalities but when you see them play and wrestle each other (which Mayo usually wins. He never backs out of a fight. Small but terrible is Mayo), you can't help fall in love with them.

Yesterday, the pups were given new home. *sigh* I'd miss May's 4am wake-up call for breakfast and Mayo's excited bark when playing. It saddens me and makes me anxious if they'll be ok. But I know that they would have to go so they could grow as loving and faithful companions for their new bestfriends. So now, I'm back to smooching and hugging my dear old CJ who I think had become a little jealous of his children when our attention was diverted to them :)



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