"What is love?".



Sounds familiar? 
During elementary and high school, slum books were all the hype. It came in all shapes and sizes and your friends can even ‘customize’ their own sign page by attaching stationeries, stickers and even pictures! 

It all seemed childish now but back when I was a kid, being asked by your friends to sign their slumbook is something to be excited about.  Nariyan pa na titingnan mo ang sagot ng mga classmates mo kung sino ang crush nila. At matindi pa diyan e pati Dedication e binabasa!

So when I have to think up of what to add to our website, I immediately thought of putting up an   "About Us" page.  But I didn't want the usual 'Name', 'Birthday', 'Hobby'-fill up form as one might expect. I wanted it to be a FUN page.  You see, Myke and I are really makulit at times.  So we wanted to show our playful side by coming up with our own slum book page. I had to look up some cute stationeries for our page - that is cute- meaning playful and colorful that is best suited if you're below 10 and corny when you're at our age bracket.  It wasn't that hard for Mr. Google to find me some.  Then I also had to look for actual slum books so I'd get the list of questions to compile.

After a week of answering the forms, changing the fonts and tweaking the layout, I'm happy to show you our
Slum Book page.


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