Change venue? 10/19/2009
The venue that Ricci suggested is already booked on our wedding date.  Bummer.
So, Myke and I had to come up with a solution FAST. We remembered that there was another indoor venue at Casa Manila - Casa Blanca.  It was located at the second floor and could also accommodate the number of guests we have. 

 I had to make a long distance call (Myke stayed over at our home in Bulacan) to the Intramuros Administration.  Turns out we have to make a letter of request and submit it for approval.  Good thing though that Casa Blanca is still free on our date.  Myke had to rush getting ready so he could go to Manila and file the request asap and I scrambled to write the letter of request. *whew*

I was relieved when Myke texted me this evening that he was able to file our request and was assured that there's a 90% chance that it will be approved.  We'll just have to wait within a week to know if our request has been granted. 

I'm praying fervently that we'll hear good news soon.

>> *fingers crossed*


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