Finally! I was able to whip my closets into order. Uhm.. Yes. You read that right - closets.
You see, I have a large wardrobe closet that holds most of my clothes and a smaller one (attached to my vanity) that I've used to store my uniforms, house clothes and undies. This way, I have easier access to the items that I use everyday. Anyway, I've always meant to sort/ re-organize my clothes because it's already a mess. I tend to just pile up the freshly washed ones onto my closet until clothes became a messy pile and I can't find things I want to wear amidst the chaos. I kept putting off with my closet re-organization until last Saturday.

I first took out all my clothes and sorted them out. Items that I dont wear anymore were in a pile and clothes not appropriate for the season (summer clothes) were on another pile. As you can see from my attached pictures, there was a lot to do. But, I managed to do it (even if it took me all day because I was hooked on the news since Typhoon Ondoy was making havoc that day). So, my closets are now in order (until I make a mess out of it again :P).
I still remember that "Today I'll Put my Closet Into Order" Saturday, when Typhoon Ondoy struck the country. I remember being pissed at my big bro for turning up the TV volume when I had my laptop blasting out BEP music to get me going on my chore.  I remember reprimanding him for watching TV that early. Turns out, it was a good thing that he turned on the TV; otherwise, we wouldn't have known what ill-fate Ondoy brought. 

My family and I can't believe how fast the flood water rose. Actually, we were shocked how devastating Ondoy was. We had our fair share of typhoons and floods but Ondoy's was a punishment.  I got sad when I saw all the victims - people swimming through the water, people on their rooftops, cars submerged - families who have lost everything. At one point, I had to rush to my room because I can't stop myself from crying and at the same time, offer a prayer of thanks (for keeping my family and our house safe) and a prayer for help (for all the Ondoy victims) to God.
The Monday following the nighmarish Ondoy weekend, I was able to report for work (luckily, the way from our home to my office is not flooded) and the hot topic for office discussion was our Ondoy experience.  Friends and colleagues were anxious to hear about their co-workers demise.  A week had gone by after Ondoy and there are still areas that are flooded. Victims have a rely on relief goods and help from their kababayans.
Now, typhoon Pepeng is creating damages in Ilocos and North Luzon. I can't help wonder if this is God's way of telling us that we have not taken good care of His gift to us. This haven that we call home but have continually destroyed to give way to progress. Is this His way of telling that He continues to shower us with gifts but He has the power to take it all away if we don't take care of it? 

I profess that I don't attend mass regularly and sometimes I neglect to talk to God except when I'm in need but I know that I am still good. Despite of my failings, my faith does not waver.  I believe that we are a faithful nation and within our heart of hearts, there's goodness in all of us.  I just hope that we will start to consider the consequences of our actions. Perhaps we should start to consider what the future might be if Nature is spiraling into destruction. Reflect on what will happen to us the next time Mother Nature vents out her anger..


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