I've been reading raves on this product that I just had to try it out.  It is a charcoal masque from a store called Saizen in Robinson's Galleria (Galle).  From what I've read from user feedbacks, it really takes out bleackheads and whiteheads from your face. Aside from being being effective, a tube only costs P85!
Since Galle isn't really near our office, I was really too lazy to go there and buy the stuff myself. So I asked my friend Shiela, who works in the Ortigas area to buy me some when she drops by the mall.  Shiela also got curious on the stuff and bought one also.  I was happy to know that the stuff is really good when she had used it herself.  When I got mine, I tried it out.  
I've had some tips from the other users so I kinda know the do's and dont's already when using this :) So I washed my face thoroughly and but left it a bit damp when I toweled off .  I applied the masque all over my face. I was careful to avoid the areas near the hairline and where there is facial hair.  I applied a thicker layer of masque on my cheeks, chin and nose area since these are where I'm prone to blackheads/whiteheads.

I careful also not to speak, laugh (basically doing anything that involves moving my facial muscles) while waiting for the masque to dry otherwise, it will have 'cracks'.  I had to wait for about 30 minutes for the masque to be dry.  You'll know when it's dry because the masque will look matte (it's shiny kasi when it's still wet).  I'd to slowly peel it off (starting from the outer edges) because it hurts a little (same as when you have to take off a piece of tape that stuck to your skin).  Then I'd rinsed off the remaining masque bits.

As you can see, my face had a certain glow after the peel-off masque (check out the photos below). There are certain areas that reddened and stung but it eventually subsided.  My face also felt cleaner and looked brighter, plus, no breakouts!

I'm really happy with the results and will probably use this weekly to keep my face clean.  I even bought some tubes as present to my co-brides and they all loved it!  Check out this Charcoal Masque at Saizen in Robinson's Galleria.



wanna try this!!! all in the name of beauty...


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