Craving for some (True) Blood - M+G: A Promise of Forever
I love HBO's True Blood series. It's not your typical vampire story wherein the vampires are usually the bad guys.
In this show, vampires are presented in a different light and there are no dull characters in the series. Although the sex/nude scenes may not be something that you want to watch with your siblings or parents.  Actually, I have a crush on vampire Eric. There's something about him that makes one want to have him bite her. I want to hate Sookie because Eric is after her (I see jealousy rearing its ugly head out) but I can't.

Season 2 is over and I have to wait till next year for Season 3. NEXT YEAR. 2010 :(  Good thing I could access the past two seasons episodes and watch it again whenever I miss Sookie, Bill, Eric (of course) and the others. 

During lunch, I happen to browse thru the Facebook True Blood Fan site and I saw this photo at the Fan Art page:


I love it!  When I saw this picture, I immediately thought of loading this to my blog. Eric is so cute! Too bad for Bill though :P Now I'm tempted to change the face of Sookie into mine. He he!

>> wondering if she should buy Myke fake fangs for Halloween

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