Planning a wedding involves a lot of decision making - from the date, time, church, colors, entourage member and down to the table centerpieces. Just running the checklist through my mind makes my head swim.
Not the I'm complaining. I guess I just haven't thought about its enormity of it all. Shucks. 

I thought at first that planning your wedding is easy - look for what you want and then book it!  Well, reality bites.  You have to take a lot into consideration. For example, we initially wanted to have a garden wedding. However, the Catholic church do not allow weddings that are not held inside a church. So, we crossed out a garden ceremony but hey, we could hold the reception at a garden!  Well, we also have to scrap out that idea too since our wedding date falls on the rainy season and we wouldn't want our guests to be 'basang sisiw' at the reception. Then you also have the consider the proximity of the reception venue to the church. Is it within the alloted budget? Does the venue have ample parking space? What other amenities does your payment cover? What are the requirements that we have to submit? 

See what I mean?

So we are now down to our next supplier - the photographer and videographer.  I tell you, I love looking at pictures but when you keep on looking at the different photography styles of the artists out there, the decision making part does not come easy. It doesn't help also that Myke and I communicate only thru emails so it's hard to point things out and explain in print (nakakapagod magtype ha). *sigh*

Maybe I should just let Myke do the decision for the photo+video.. or not!

G > still undecided but will not give up!

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