When I went to our office clinic this morning, I saw kids walking around in their costumes.  Seems there's some trick-or-treating happening around here.  The kids looked so cute! I saw a mini-Captain America, Naruto (with an older girl posing as Sakura), a princess and even a little bee!
Monday's been declared as a non-working holiday so we've got three days of rest, except when we have to visit the cemetery.  Sana lang e hindi matao.  At sana e di maulan. PAGASA has declared Signal No. 2 in Bulacan na so baka maulan na sa amin mamaya.  Pano na kaya sa weekend? :(  Sana naman makisama ang panahon sa atin para naman di tayo mahirapan pag dalaw natin sa sementeryo. For everyone else who don't have to go, relax relax muna.  Try nyo rin mag-trick or treat para naman maiba. He he!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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