In need of vitamin ZZZ's - M+G: A Promise of Forever
I wasn't able to get enough sleep last night.  Actually, I had difficulty sleeping this past week. I don't know why.  Good thing that I am still able to work despite of.  I was tempted to file for a leave today because I was still groggy while I was having my breakfast earlier. But I know that I couldn't. I need my vacation leaves for seminars, appointments and other 'must personally attend' wedding requirements. Buti na lang at Friday na, at least I'd have the weekend to catch up on my zzz's.
So last night (actually, it was already past 1am), I decided to give my cellphone camera (and myself) a bit of a work out instead of just staring at my bedroom ceiling until sleep comes or the cock crows :(

Tweaking the Black and White effect on my K810 and my amateur shooting skills, my little photo op session turned out to be fun and the outputs were 'promising'.  Yes, there were tons of crappy shots - bad angle, shitty poses and unidentifiable facial expressions. LOL.
Maybe it'll get better with practice? He he :)


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