It's the Monday after Christmas and I'm at the office.  Grabe, nakakatamad magtrabaho.  It has been a while since I blogged here so I'll share my Christmas kwentos.

Christmas celebration in our home was peaceful and quiet.  We had a nice family meal, gave out presents to the kids in our subdivision and shared some food with the neighbors.  On the 24th,  my mom and I were busy in the kitchen preparing the food.  I promised my mom that I'll be helping out by cooking one main dish, the salad and the dessert.  I'm happy cos it turned out great!  My 'contribution' was kind of a trial and error pa nga because it would be the first time that I'd the making the dishes but thankfully, ok naman ang kinalabasan :) 
The main and dessert dishes were Pollo con queso and Chocolate and coffee panna cotta.  Sounds 'sosyal' no? He he!  I got the recipes from Home Cooking Rocks
 and it was really relatively easy to do. Well, except the part when I had to secure the chicken and ham with toothpicks.  My attempts looked like the meat were haphazardly stitched up with toothpicks.  Buti na lang at tinulungan ako ni mama. The sauce was rich and yummy.  Ginawa ko na ngang gravy sa kanin :P
The panna cotta was also delicious. So much so that I had these for breakfast, ha ha!  May coffee naman e so pwede nang pampagising.  Ok, ok.  Lame excuse. (Sorry if my picture of the panna cotta I made is blurry and medyo di rin maganda ang visual presentation ko.)
It was a good thing that my brother focused his 'attention' to my mom's suman so my mom and I took turns pigging out with the dessert :D 

I like cooking but I don't get to cook often because I'm too tired na by the time I get home from work. So, whenever there's an occassion or if I have time, I try out recipes I get from the Internet or those you get from the labels of canned goods.  My family is my guinea pig so malakas ang loob ko on the few cases that I 'missed the mark', he he. But whipping out a great dish is really fulfilling.  It boosted my confidence when my mom had requested again for my Tuna Fettucine or when my dad subtly 'hints' for my Pineapple Fried Rice by buying all the ingredients I would be needing.  Saka practice na rin ito sakin para naman di mangayayat ang aking hubby to be when we move in together, he he.

Tomorrow will be the last working day for 2009 and we are off again to holiday vacation!  Excited na rin cos I'll be cooking again :) Will keep you posted sa mga kwentos :)

Have a blessed New Year, everyone!


*For the recipe details, please visit Home Cooking Rocks!

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