Oh, Eric! - M+G: A Promise of Forever
I think I am in love with someone.. and it's not Myke.
Well, that's what being hooked on the True Blood series does to me.  Since the season 2 of the show had already ended and season 3 is not but until next year *sad*, I was itching to buy the Sookie Stackhouse books.  Myke has been urging me to get the ebooks instead but I wanted to have the feel of the actual book on my hand. There were already 9 books in total and I've read from forums that some of the books are out of stock. So, I gave in and had Myke download the ebooks.  That's when my infatuation with Eric Northman became a full-blown crush. 

First off, Alexander Skarsgard (who is playing Eric) is so HOT!!! Even if I had started with watching the series instead of reading the books, Eric had already caught my attention and as the show progressed, I'm rooting more for Eric to hook up with Sookie instead of Bill. Bill is so.. blah while Eric is naughty but lovable (did I mention HOT?).  Di naman masyadong halata na masyado akong maka-Eric no? :)

Then when I read the books, oh my gosh!  Eric's character is more likable than ever.  Parang unfair nga na mas marami ang exposure ng Sookie-Bill tandem sa series. Hmp.  Sa books kasi ang kulit ni Eric.  Saka I guess it's a good thing that I've started off with the series muna. At least now I can have a mental picture of Eric while reading the book *dreamy sigh*  I'm on the fourth book na (Dead to the World), this is where Eric has 'amnesia'.  I'm taking my time reading it because it has thrown Sookie and Eric together (oh, forget Bill!) and I'm loving every moment of it.
So for the sake of those who has no idea what I'm talking about, here's a picture of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard).  Warning:  The following images may cause palpitations, drooling, pupil dilations and breathing difficulties. He he!
Hey, I warned you, didn't I? :P


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