Myke and I had a meeting with our coordinator, Ricci. It was also a date for me and Myke (it's our monthsarry kasi). 
It has been a while seen Myke and I went out since our schedules do not seem to jive.  It was nice to be able to talk to him about work, life, office gossip and whatever.  Plus, I got to have my chicken and spaghetti cravings fixed :) (KFC Pasta Alfredo bowl and hot shots lang, solve na ako!)  After lunch, we hung around Figaro and waited for Ricci.

Well, it's not a problem per se.  We were well into the discussion regarding the wedding when Ricci asked us why we booked Teatrillo for the reception venue. You see, Teatriilo is a room beneath Casa Manila; it's located on what you would call a basement. It looks fine naman (as you can see on the "10-23-10" tab). We chose it because: a) it's located near the church where the ceremony will be held, b) it's cheap, c) it's indoors - we preferred an indoor venue because of the unpredictable weather.  Ricci was honest enough to ask us if we aren't bothered by the location of the place - it being underground.  Ricci, being also a Chinese, said that he felt compelled to point out that the Chinese might not deem the place auspicious for a wedding which is a start of a new life.  He said it might be good to be at the 'bottom'. I confided that I was a bit hesitant to book Teatrillo because my initial impression of it was it was a bit stuffy.  But since the place met our requirements, we booked it and I reassured myself that some styling would be enough to brighten the place up. 

After Ricci told us what he thought, Myke and I pondered a bit. He had a point. Though we have picked a great date, the reception venue might not go with the good vibes. Ricci assured us that he could just make "pay-pay" (offer incense to drive out bad luck) and make do with the venue if the forfeited deposit would put our budget limit out of whack. However, if we won't mind foregoing the 8K (compared to a lifetime of bad luck), he suggested a venue at Roxas Boulevard. I have read about this venue at Weddings at Work and it seemed like a good place.  So Myke and I decided to visit the place right after the meeting.

When we got the the venue, Myke and I agreed that it's a nice venue for a wedding reception (plus the fee isn't exorbitant) and we'll book it if it will still be available. Since the admin office was closed, we have to wait til tomorrow to see if it's still available.

Myke surprised me by saying that he'll be coming home with me after our meeting with the wedding coordinator.  I was really happy that we'll be able to get together since the last time we've met up was.. more than a month ago (?!).  And we could discuss the P+V (Photography and Video) team we want to cover the wedding. 

Though all of our shortlisted P+V have good portfolios, we still can't decide which one to choose since they offer different services for their packages.  One team had really good service package but there were no parent albums nor edited video included; the other had those inclusions that they will only provide 1 videographer. Then when you sum up these add-ons, it was already way out of budget.  I suggested that we could still look for other P+V supplier but Myke said no, saying that having to look trough other suppliers would just confuse us more. We talked it through lunch but ended up deciding nothing.  Well, we agreed to learn more of the teams' package and ask if they give out discounts.  So no check mark yet beside "Photo and Video" on my wedding check list. *sigh*

When we got home, we decided to have a True Blood Season 2 marathon after dinner to wind up the somehow stressful afternoon.  I got to cuddle with Myke but with my bedroom door open (we wouldn't want my parents to think we're doing something naughty. Hi hi!) A nice ending to a near perfect day, don't you think? And in the morning, I have to cook breakfast for my hubby to be :)


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