Quick Post - M+G: A Promise of Forever

I'd began email chatting with some of my co-w@wies recently. Well, we've kinda gotten together since we were all trying to find a 'reasonable' designer for our wedding dress.  What started as a simple inquiry on dressmakers evolved into daily chikkas and wedding preps updates.

This morning, we stumbled into talking about crying during the wedding ceremony. Turns out that the four of us are crybabies! I guess we'd have something in common on our respective weddings - rolls of tissue! :)

A good friend of mine had recently tied the knot. I absolutely love her dress and she looked smashing! Banana and I are friends since our elementary days and though she'd moved to Australia, we'd keep tabs on each other and would usually get together whenever she's in Manila. I was really happy to see her march down the aisle, happier even that she and Ed are so in love. *Sigh* Umiiral na naman ata ang pagka-senti ko,  he he.  I'm happy for you, Banana! *hug*

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