TGIF! - M+G: A Promise of Forever

It's Friday already! Can't wait for the weekend. I hadn't posted a blog these past days cos I was busy doing.. our monograms! Yay! It seems that wedding planning is what occupy my thoughts when I can't think of anything to do.

Yes, I confess that I can't help thinking and re-thinking the ideas we have for our wedding. I'm obessessing about dresses, the theme and color motifs, centerpieces, accessories, invitations..  anything and everything about! I know it still is early too fret about these things but my thoughts have a mind of its own (??!!). So here, I'll just share what I've spend most of yesterday with. Ta-da!
It's a bit crowded cos I wanted to put them all in one slide. Some of them are our initials only, others are what you might not call a monogram (since they are not really initials only but with other details as well) but a "couple's signature" perhaps? I really don't know the term but I hope you get what I mean.  I've passed these on to Myke to check and see if we could pick what we liked best and could somehow integrate them as 'touches' on our wedding. I'm excited! Ü

Ryan Agoncillo, by the way, was here at the office last Wednesday. Since he is the spokesperson/ endorser for our retail broadband service, he dropped by to say hello. He was with 2 other personalities but I didn't know who they were. (Sorry! I'm not really into local showbiz/shows. Saka si mama e Kapuso so I'd only know Kapuso stars but still not all of them! :P) Back to Ryan, he is really cute in person though small in stature. Girls here (regardless of age) were screaming. Hay, di mapigil ang bugso ng damdamin kahit na nasa opisina. Iba ang effect ni Ryan! He he. I wanted to get a picture with him but with all the commotion.. the only pic that I got was him in the screen of another camera phone which was positioned in front of my phone and me at the left side looking like a blurry apparition. *ugh* Disappointed, I deleted the pic cos it's not worth posting here anyway. I suddenly remembered the time when Manny Pacquiao also dropped by when he paid a courtesy visit to our president. We were waiting at the lobby (cameras on ready)and when Pacman emerged from the elevator, the best shot I got was the top of his fedora. G-R-E-A-T. With all those bulky security guards blocking the view, what can I do? 

*Have to cut this short. Stress test na! Will continue this next week! Promise! Ü Happy weekend everyone!

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