When I went to our office clinic this morning, I saw kids walking around in their costumes.  Seems there's some trick-or-treating happening around here.  The kids looked so cute! I saw a mini-Captain America, Naruto (with an older girl posing as Sakura), a princess and even a little bee!
Monday's been declared as a non-working holiday so we've got three days of rest, except when we have to visit the cemetery.  Sana lang e hindi matao.  At sana e di maulan. PAGASA has declared Signal No. 2 in Bulacan na so baka maulan na sa amin mamaya.  Pano na kaya sa weekend? :(  Sana naman makisama ang panahon sa atin para naman di tayo mahirapan pag dalaw natin sa sementeryo. For everyone else who don't have to go, relax relax muna.  Try nyo rin mag-trick or treat para naman maiba. He he!

Happy Halloween everyone!


And I just can't hide it! 

I'm no crooner but something has got me singing.  Even my colleagues remarked that I got a different aura today :)
I want to share the news with you guys but I can't and I won't.  Not yet anyway. 

No! I'm not pregnant.

I just don't want to tell about it yet cos it is not yet final.


Just wait :)

>> still can't wipe the grin off my face
"What is love?".



Sounds familiar? 
Myke told me the good news.  Our request to change our reception venue has been approved! Yay!

I immediately texted our coordinator to share the news. I was really relieved that we are able to sort it all out.  Now, there should be no negative vibes already on our wedding :)

It is now officially a year before our big day.  I got so excited that I got these wedding countdown ticklers where you can see how much days before your wedding! So much so that I also got one for Christmas! (See the countdown on my sidebar?) *wink*
I also happy to see that Weebly is now offering subpages for its sites. I love this feature!  Perfect for organizing our website.  So now, I was able to put the "For W@Wies" and "For the Guests" entries on separate pages. :)

I've also thought of something to add to our site - something fun and will be totally US.  Just wait, my readers :)

>> now sleepy from being full at lunch
The venue that Ricci suggested is already booked on our wedding date.  Bummer.
Myke and I had a meeting with our coordinator, Ricci. It was also a date for me and Myke (it's our monthsarry kasi). 
I asked my colleague if she wanted to lunch out today.  Also a food enthusiast, Mam P said yes right away. Now, we've been eyeing this little cafe/resto near our office - Mom and Tina's Bakeshop so we agreed it's time to check it out.
I love HBO's True Blood series. It's not your typical vampire story wherein the vampires are usually the bad guys.
Planning a wedding involves a lot of decision making - from the date, time, church, colors, entourage member and down to the table centerpieces. Just running the checklist through my mind makes my head swim.