I have been in an uncomfortable state since the past weekend.  Last Thurs, before heading home, I had a little itch on my inner right eye.  It felt like something was stuck - like an eyelash and it was itchy.  I disregarded it thinking that it may be something that washing could wear off.  I was wrong.  As the weekend progress, a small bump had appeared on the area and that bump doesn't seem to subside.  It was really irritating because my eyelid has also swollen and the nerves around my eye really hurt.  I even joked to my mom that maybe this was how having a black eye felt.  I had to wear fake reading glasses so people won't notice my bukol :(
I met up with Cel Sabile last Monday and I'm happy to say that I now got my make-up artist for my wedding :)
I wasn't able to get enough sleep last night.  Actually, I had difficulty sleeping this past week. I don't know why.  Good thing that I am still able to work despite of.  I was tempted to file for a leave today because I was still groggy while I was having my breakfast earlier. But I know that I couldn't. I need my vacation leaves for seminars, appointments and other 'must personally attend' wedding requirements. Buti na lang at Friday na, at least I'd have the weekend to catch up on my zzz's.
It's the Monday after Christmas and I'm at the office.  Grabe, nakakatamad magtrabaho.  It has been a while since I blogged here so I'll share my Christmas kwentos.

Christmas celebration in our home was peaceful and quiet.  We had a nice family meal, gave out presents to the kids in our subdivision and shared some food with the neighbors.  On the 24th,  my mom and I were busy in the kitchen preparing the food.  I promised my mom that I'll be helping out by cooking one main dish, the salad and the dessert.  I'm happy cos it turned out great!  My 'contribution' was kind of a trial and error pa nga because it would be the first time that I'd the making the dishes but thankfully, ok naman ang kinalabasan :) 
I'm currently obsessing with Looklet.com - a site which lets you style your own 'model', choose your background and the final product is a photo that looks like a magazine layout.  I've just read about this yesterday and since then, I can't seem to get enough of it.  It's like having my own online closet chock-full of delicious wardrobe.
Myke and I attended the Weddings at Work Christmas Party at the Blue Leaf Pavilion last November 27, 2009.  It was our first time to attend a W @W event and I must say, it was a memorable experience.  Since I was the one who is active in the group, it was a chance for me to get to know the other W @Wies personally.  At least meron na akong na-aassociate na mukha sa mga taong kausap ko sa forum :)  I was also glad that Myke was able to come because I want him to see what W @W is all about.  Madalas kasi e nababanggit ko sa kanya ang W @W especially when we look for wedding suppliers.
I went to Landmark Trinoma yesterday to window shop.  Yes, looking around lang! :P  I had not really planned to buy anything but this dress caught my attention.  It's a LBD but with some major blings along the neckline.

After checking it out, I immediately put it back on the rack so I won't be tempted to buy it. I roamed around the whole Ladies' Wear section but I found myself going back to the stall where I saw the dress.  I looked at it again at nagbaka-sakaling mapangitan na ako.  Gosh, ang ganda talaga niya so I went to try it on.
Myke and I joined our company's annual Lakaran - Walk for a Cause kanina.  This is in celebration of PLDT's anniversary; the company will be donating money for every employee who registered.  It was a 5.2 kilometer hike from PLDT Makati Avenue to our office in Boni, Mandaluyong.  First time namin umattend ni Myke.  It was really fun! Di namin ramdam yung nilakad namin at buti na lang di pa matingkad ang sikat ng araw.  We started around 6:30 am and was at Boni at past 9.  May free snacks, T-shirt and there was a raffle pa.  Sayang, wala man lang kaming nahagip na premyo ni Myke. Hu hu hu!

Yesterday, Myke and I went to meet up with the designer that our coordinator, Ricci had recommended.  Actually, I had another meeting (with another designer) lined up - one who had given me a lower quote for my bridal package.  But we never got to meet the 2nd designer (and I had to make up an excuse) because we decided to go with Ricci's recommendation.
I've been reading raves on this product that I just had to try it out.  It is a charcoal masque from a store called Saizen in Robinson's Galleria (Galle).  From what I've read from user feedbacks, it really takes out bleackheads and whiteheads from your face. Aside from being being effective, a tube only costs P85!